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October 20 @ 3:00pm EST

The purpose of this session is to assist the funeral home owner in providing the mandated annual OSHA training to their professional staff as required under 29 CFR 1910.1030 Bloodborne Pathogens and 29 CFR 1910.1048 Formaldehyde.

It is designed specifically for employees. It is not meant to be a compliance seminar for owners. It is assumed that the employer is already making a good-faith effort at OSHA compliance and is using this teleconference as a part of their ongoing compliance efforts.

Further, it is assumed that all employees have already received training in these areas as required by law. Both regulations require initial training and annual training thereafter. Therefore, for almost all employees, this should simply be a review and updating session rather than a comprehensive educational seminar.

The regulations contain certain requirements that cannot be met through a teleconference. They are site-specific requirements that must be accomplished by the employer. It is the employer’s responsibility to supplement this session with the following training:

  • Provide employee with a copy and explanation of the employer’s actual site-specific Exposure Control Plan.
  • The employer’s basis for selecting personal protective equipment (PPE) along with specific instructions on the use and disposal of PPE.
  • Procedures to be followed and who to notify in the event of an exposure incident and a review of emergency procedures.
  • The location and availability of compliance and training materials.

Finally, General Workplace Safety regulations also contain certain training requirements especially for new employees. Since this regulation does not contain specific annual training requirements, it will be mentioned, but not thoroughly covered in this session. It is the employer’s responsibility to train all employees in the hazards of the workplace.

The Hazard Communication Standard has phased in new requirements to comply with the Global Harmonized System, including new training requirements (2013) new SDS sheets, and new labeling (2015) which will be covered in this course.


Student/ Intern $115 | Student Law Handbook (Optional) $25 | Member of IFDA $145 | Non-Member of IFDA $290

During this review the following Acts/Laws will be discussed: FTC, Cremation Act, Practice Act, Preneed Act, Veteran Administration. There are six (6) CE hours approved for licensed funeral directors who wish to attend the review.  Please remember, you can only apply one (1) crash review per license period.

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November 15, 2017

Student Law Handbook ONLY



Cemetery Act I - 1 Law Hour

Cremation Act I - 1 Law Hour

Practice Act I - 1 Law Hour

Preneed Act I - 1 Law Hour

State Law Course - 2 Law Hours


Controlling your Accounts Receivable - 1 CE Hour

Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease - 1 CE Hour

Embalming - 2 CE Hours

Ethics - 2 CE Hours

FTC Rule - 1 CE Hour

Restorative Art - 1 CE Hour